Sometimes life will provide you the opportunity to prove yourself right. Never Say Never. The new album from Dundada.

Rapper. Actor. Producer.

Dundada witnessed first hand what the famed crack-era did to his Oakland neighborhood when it hit the streets, but it was the distinctive sounds of Gangsta rap during the same period which caught his attention and inspired him. Born Kenneth Bosworth, he often heard bullets echo in the night around his house, yet by day it fell silent to music, especially the soul melody of Marvin Gaye that his grandmother constantly played. The birth of the Hip-Hop culture at age 13 influenced Dundada, showing him that there was more to life than the streets. At this young age, he was exposed to a wide array of music, from New Edition to the Beastie Boys and local rapper Too Short. He found writing rhymes over the rhythm and bass of this new genre of music a positive and exhilarating outlet.

Following high school, Dundada continued to write and attended Art College, working minimum wage jobs to cover the costs. In school, he learned the art of the soundboard, how one could express messages words couldn't describe. While in College, he formed a group known as 9livez with 4 other bay area MCs. He also met and began his musical relationship with Raw Daddi, Roc and Rotten Robbie. Soon after college, Dundada appeared on the album National Terrorist Compilation with the late rapper Coug Nut, and more achievements would follow. His track "Get Em Up Girls" was featured on an episode of the UPN's George Lopez show and has collaborated with Grammy winning platinum recording producers Jake and The Phatman and Raphael Saadiq, who produced the smash hit Love of my Life for Erykah Badu. Dundada released his 1st solo album "Reloaded" in 2006 on 9livez Entertainment. The album was equal parts gangsta and consciousness, relying heavily own his own production and amazing wordplay. This album also introduced the world to Mr. Mar, who also happens to be Dundada's brother.

In early 2008 Dundada partnered up with Roc and Rotten Robbie as co-owners of Komplex Records. The partnership resulted in the epic album "Less is More" by Raw Daddi and showed how well the three producers could work together. Dundada then jumped in the studio recording his next album titled "2012" which was released on Komplex Records. Currently, Dundada is focused on completely is next album “Never Say Never” and producing tracks for more artists.

The Music

The Best is Yet to Come

The latest album "Never Say Never" promises to deliver where others have missed.

  • Reloaded

    Recalibrated fire.

  • 2012

    Evolution through sound.

  • Never Say Never

    Time to take you higher.

    The forthcoming release from Dundada is coming soon.

  • Accolades

    Dundada has been featured on TV shows such as "The George Lopez Show" and produced tracks for several artists.

    • The George Lopez Show
    • Sabrina the Teen Age Witch
    • Hidden Palms
    • Journey to Succeed by Mr. Mar
    • Less is More by Raw
    • It's Changed by Roc

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